Actionable items for you to do between sessions.

Next Session Worksheets

Introduction/ Worksheets & Focused Therapy

Worksheet/ Starting therapy

Worksheet/ After starting

Worksheet/ After a few months

Worksheet/ After a while

Self-Care Lists

Identify the kind of activity you need (some activities may fall into more than one category)

  • Distraction: not think/numb- e.g. video game, social media
  • Relaxation: decompress- e.g. bath, massage
  • Restoration: refill your cup- e.g. reading inspirational book, exercise
  • Healing: go towards the pain- e.g. grieve/cry, going to therapy
  • Connection: yourself/others- e.g. meditation, planning an event
Calm FunNatural Care
SupportFocused Attention
CommunityBig Mind
Mental HealthKindness


Feeling Wheel

Compassionate Dialogue

Gratitude + Cheer + Kindness

More Journaling Prompts

The Twelve Steps (for everyone, not just those recovering from addiction; drop the word God if it’s distracting- it’s absolutely not necessary)

From Julie Cameron/ The Artist’s Way

From Byron Katie/ The Work

From Tim Ferriss/ Fear Setting

From Dr. Russ Harris/ The Happiness Trap: Collected Worksheets

From Jordan Peterson/ Self Authoring Program


Conversation Starters/

Comforting Instead of Fixing/ Tools for listening to difficulties 

Check-In/ When communication is unhealthy


Conversations with Death/ It’s okay to talk about it

From Five Wishes/ Sample packet to review

Personality Tests

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Attachment Styles


Big 5 Personality Traits

From Jordan Peterson/ Understand Myself

More Resources

From library of worksheets