***I am currently offering TeleHealth and phone sessions only.***

I believe we are incredibly resilient, even when we feel anything but. I offer a warm and truly safe environment in which we both can share in a dialogue that encourages you to speak as your most authentic self so you can begin to move forward in your life. I work with adults (18 years old and up) and do individual, couples, and family counseling.

My practice offers evening and weekend hours. My wonderful office manager, Jennifer, will take care to answer any questions you may have. She is available Mondays through Fridays from 9am-4pm.  I accept most major insurances and private pay based on a sliding scale that typically ranges from $70-125 for a 45 minute session (see Payment tab).

My special interests include: relationships of all kinds (see below), highly sensitive people, the introvert/extrovert dynamic, self-esteem/identity, existential issues around meaning/purpose, LGBTQIA+ issues, chronic illness/loss of all kinds, and compassion fatigue. Please note, I provide exploratory counseling- I do not provide evaluations/letters of recommendation, etc. Moreover, my specialties do not include active traumas, addictions, or difficulties with self-harm.

I really love helping couples and families learn to hear to each other and carry themselves more skillfully, often when there is great hurt and/or opposite personality types. This also includes working with an adult and their parent, or two adult siblings, or helping a couple separating to find closure and/or co-parent. Because we live inter-connected, couples and family counseling is a very helpful tool for the complex dynamics of the most meaningful relationships of our lifetime. Addressing and restoring these key connections can shift how you thrive in relation to yourself, as well as all other relationships. My job is to make sure everyone is seen and heard equally, to facilitate a safe space for communication, and to clear a path for difficult issues to be worked through. I’m deeply hopeful about how much can change for the better.

Now that insurances are covering remote counseling through telehealth (Doxy.me or the phone), I offer a third additional approach to individual therapy called “Walk With Me” that allows you to plan for walks during your therapy session. This can be helpful for those who want to get the benefits of a mind-body approach, if you are someone who dislikes sitting or staring at a screen, if you need some extra privacy from your home or workplace, or if you would like some extra motivation to exercise. There is no difference in fees or style of therapy for a Walk With Me session versus a traditional telehealth session.

Finally, I am also an educator and Qualified LCSW Supervisor. I provide case consultation for other clinicians and best practices for managing a private practice (e.g. insurance guidelines, policy and form creation, organizational processees, fiscal management, etc) .