My name is Jes Deeb and I’ve been providing therapy since 2004. I offer evening and weekend availability, accept most major insurances, and utilize a sliding scale for those paying privately (see Getting Started tab).

I absolutely adore what I do, and my intention is to help you figure out your own answers. I view my role in the counseling process as a “fellow traveler” on the very same road. Talking with someone who really hears you- and helps you to hear yourself- often leads to different ways of interpreting and being in the world that provide relief and joy. Things can and do get better. I believe this, I have lived this, and I have watched others experience this.

I’m a licensed clinical social worker helping people work through depression, anxiety, and stress. My special interests include:

  • Adult relationships of all kinds: This includes couples work, premarital, separation to find closure and/or co-parent, between an adult and their parent, with two adult siblings, multiple adult family members, as well as assisting two friends or coworkers.
  • Developing selfhood
  • Identity/LGBTQIA+ issues
  • Highly sensitive people
  • Chronic illness/loss of all kinds
  • Compassion fatigue
  • Existential issues around meaning/purpose
  • “Walk With Me” sessions: Now that most insurances are allowing telehealth, I offer an additional approach to individual therapy that allows you to plan for walks during your therapy session. This can be helpful for those who want to get the benefits of a mind-body approach, if you are someone who dislikes sitting or staring at a screen, if you need some extra privacy from your home or workplace, or if you would like some extra motivation to exercise. There are no differences in fees or style of therapy for a Walk With Me session.
  • Qualified LCSW Supervisor & Educator: I provide case consultation for other clinicians and best practices for managing a private practice.
  • My specialties do not include: ADHD, panic disorder, parenting young kids, trauma work, addictions, eating disorders, and difficulties with self-harm.

Welcome, I am really glad you are here.