-Harriet Lerner

About Jes

I have had many gorgeous teachers- loved ones, psychotherapists of my own, artists of all kinds. And my clients.

I am grateful to everyone who choses to share their stories with me. Your truths grow me, too. We learn from each other, and there is no place else I would rather be.

I received my Masters in Social Work from Florida State University in 2004 and my undergraduate degree from the University of Florida in 2002. I started working in private practice in 2004, joined Hospice in 2006, and then started my own practice in 2010. I have worked with people through all kinds of issues from a variety of backgrounds and age ranges. My previous experience includes undergraduate and graduate internships in drug and addiction programs, participating in UF’s Arts in Medicine program at Shands Hospital, starting a poetry group at the women’s federal prison in Tallahassee, working at New York’s Omega Institute’s sister program- Teen Camp, providing counseling in homes and facilities through Hospice, joining Hospice’s administrative Quality Improvement team, conducting a workshop at Florida’s National Association for Social Workers yearly conference on Eastern approaches to therapy, presenting work-life trainings for different companies, and facilitating cancer support groups for eight years. I also orchestrated and provided care for my beloved (and spunky!) grandmother over six years in her home, hospital, rehab, assisted living facility, and nursing home.

My passion is in working with highly sensitive people and relationship (conjoint) counseling. I really love helping couples, families, friends, or coworkers learn to hear to each other and carry themselves more skillfully, often when there is great hurt and/or opposite personality types (e.g. emotional/logical, introvert/extrovert, pursuer/withdrawer, anxious/avoidant, etc). Because we live inter-connected, conjoint counseling is a very helpful tool for the complex dynamics of the most meaningful relationships of our lifetime. Addressing and restoring these key connections can shift how you thrive in relation to yourself, as well as all other relationships. My job is to facilitate a safe space for communication- to make sure everyone is seen and heard equally and to clear a path for difficult issues to be worked through. I’m deeply hopeful about how much can change for the better.

A note on exceptions: I provide insight-based counseling – I do not provide judgment-based therapy (evaluations/letters of recommendation, etc.). Moreover, my specialties do not include active traumas, addictions, or difficulties with self-harm.


Search for Jessica Deeb on google.com and yelp.com to read reviews of others’ experience working with me.