Take what you need, leave whatever doesn’t feel right. 

From Jes

Next Session Worksheet/ Organize your thoughts

Healthy Relationships/ When communication is unhealthy

Conversation Starters/ Fun questions to become curious again

Conversations for Death/ It’s okay to talk about it


Esther Perel/ Author & Podcaster (“Where Should We Begin”)

Dr. Brene Brown/ Author, Creator of “Dare to Lead” & Podcaster (“Unlocking Us” & “Dare to Lead”)

Dr. Harville Hendrix & Dr. Helen LaKelly Hunt/ Authors & Creators of “Imago Therapy”

Dr. John Gottman & Dr. Julie Schwartz Gottman/ Authors & Creators of the “Gottman Institute”

Dr. Harriet Lerner/ Author

Robert Johnson/ Author

Matthew Fray/ Author

Showtime documentary: “Couples Therapy”/ Led by Dr. Orna Guralnik

YouTube series: “Group”/  From the work of Dr. Irvin Yalom

Femininity: that which exists in both sexes

Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes/  Author of “Women Who Run with the Wolves”

Gloria Steinem/ Author & Social activist

Eve Ensler/ Author & Performance Artist

Masculinity: that which exists in both sexes

Dr. Warren Farrell/ Author

Robert Bly/ Author


Melody Beattie/ Author & Codependency expert


Big Magic/ Author Elizabeth Gilbert

The Artist’s Way/ Author Julia Cameron

Highly Sensitive People

Glennon Doyle/ Author, creator of “Together Rising” & podcaster (“We Can Do Hard Things”)

Elizabeth Gilbert/ Author

Anne Lamott/ Author

Dr. Elaine Aron/ Author

Susan Cain/ Author 


Waking Up/ Atheist Sam Harris (Ph.D Neuroscience & Stanford degree in Philosophy): Author & Podcaster

Richard Rhor/ Franciscan monk & Author

Nadia Bolz Weber/ Lutheran minister

Alan Watts/ Christian priest & Eastern philosopher 

Jordan Peterson/ Christian mystic & Clinical psychologist & Author

Quakers/ The Religious Society of Friends

Pema Chodron/ Buddhist nun & Author

Thich Nhat Hanh/ Zen Master & Author 

Dr. Jack Kornfield/ Buddhist monk, Clinical psychologist & Author

Chogyam Trungpa/ Buddhist monk & Author

Suzuki Roshi/ Zen monk & Author

Hafiz/ Muslim mystic & Poet as translated by Daniel Ladinsky

Rumi/ Muslim mystic & Poet as translated by Coleman Barks

Ordinary People as Mystics & Monks/ Author Marsha Sintar

Katie Byron/ Author 

Caroline Myss/ Author 

Eckhart Tolle/ Author 

The Art of Listening

Counseling Therapy Skills/ An amazing and easy to read book on active listening

Dr. Irvin Yalom/ Psychiatrist & Author

Death & Dying

This Bright Hour/ Author Nina Riggs


Humans of New York/ Candid snapshots of our shared humanity Grassroots meetings, clubs, and interests in your community 

Mental Health Movement/ Podcast & Facebook support group