“And what are the right books?”
“Whatever blows your hair back.”
-Goodwill Hunting  


Esther Perel/ Author & Podcast “Where Should We Begin

Dr. Brene Brown/ Author, Creator of “Dare to Lead” & Podcast “Unlocking Us” & “Dare to Lead

Dr. Harville Hendrix & Dr. Helen LaKelly Hunt/ Authors & Creators of “Imago Therapy

You Are the One You’ve Been Waiting For: Applying Internal Family Systems Therapy to Intimate Relationships / Author Dr. Richard C. Schwartz

Dr. John Gottman & Dr. Julie Schwartz Gottman/ Authors & Creators of the “Gottman Institute

The Five Love Languages/ Author Gary Chapman

Dr. Harriet Lerner/ Author

All About Love/ Author bell hooks

Robert Johnson/ Author

Come As You Are/ Author Dr. Emily Nagoski on Sex

This Is How Your Marriage Ends/ Author Matthew Fray

Foreverland: On the Divine Tedium of Marriage/ Heather Havrilesky

Wide Open/ Author Gracie X on Polyamory

Femininity: that which exists in both sexes

Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes/ Author of “Women Who Run with the Wolves

Gloria Steinem/ Author & Social activist

“V” formerly known as Eve Ensler/ Author & Performance Artist

Masculinity: that which exists in both sexes

Dr. Warren Farrell/ Author

Robert Bly/ Author


Melody Beattie/ Codependency expert & Author

Margaret Paul/ Inner-bonding Author


Dr. Bessel van der Kolk/ Trauma expert & Author

Run Towards the Danger/ AuthorSarah Polley: Honoring your complicated truth in six essays

The Apology/ Author “V” formerly known as Eve Ensler: On incest

Know My Name/ Author Chanel Miller: On rape

Unbound/ Author Tarana Burke: Founder of the “Me Too” Movement

The Courage to Heal: A guide for women survivors of child sexual abuse

Trauma Workbooks

The Courage to Heal Workbook: A guide for men and women survivors of child sexual abuse/ Author Laura Davis

PTSD Workbook/ Authors Mary Beth Williams & Soili Poijula 

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Sourcebook/ Author Glenn Schiraldi 

Managing Traumatic Stress Through Art/ Authors Cohen, Barnes, & Rankin

Raising Littles

Carry On, Warrior/ Author Glennon Doyle

I’ll Show Myself Out/ Author Jessi Klein

The New One/ Author & comedian Mike Birbiglia

Creativity + Founders

Big Magic/ Author Elizabeth Gilbert

The Artist’s Way/ Author Julia Cameron

Bird By Bird/ Author Anne Lamott


Highly Sensitive People

Glennon Doyle/ Author, Creator of “Together Rising” & Podcast “We Can Do Hard Things

Katherine May/Author on Autism

Rainer Maria Rilke/ Poet & Author of “Letters to a Young Poet”

Jenny Lawson/ Author

Anne Lamott/ Author

Dr. Elaine Aron/ Author

Susan Cain/ Author

Food: Hunger + Control

Geneen Roth/ Author

Karen Koenig/ Author

Jenni Schaefer/ Author

Philosophies on Life

Sam Harris/ Atheist (Ph.D Neuroscience & Stanford degree in Philosophy), Author & Podcast “Waking Up” (meditation app) & “Making Sense” (science & society)

Richard Rhor/ Franciscan monk & Author

Nadia Bolz Weber/ Lutheran minister & Author

Alan Watts/ Former Christian priest & Eastern philosopher & Author

Jordan Peterson/ Christian mystic & Clinical psychologist & Author

Quakers/ DIY Christianity: The Religious Society of Friends

Thich Nhat Hanh/ Zen monk & Author of many books including “Being Peace

Suzuki Roshi/ Zen monk & Author

Pema Chodron/ Buddhist nun & Author

Dr. Jack Kornfield/ Buddhist monk, Clinical psychologist & Author

Dr. Tara Brach/ Buddhist teacher, Clinical psychologist & Author

Chogyam Trungpa/ Buddhist monk & Author

Michael Singer/ Founder of Temple of the Universe in Gainesville & Author of “Living Untethered

Tao Te Ching/ Taoist philosophy

Hafiz/ Sufi (Islamic mysticism) & Poet as translated by Daniel Ladinsky

Rumi/ Sufi (Islamic mysticism) & Poet as translated by Coleman Barks

Ordinary People as Mystics & Monks/ Author Marsha Sintar

Rob Brezsny/ Free Will astrologist & Author

Richard Bach/ Author

Rupert Spira/ Author

Douglas Harding/ On Having No Head

Eckhart Tolle/ Author

Caroline Myss/ Author

Katie Byron/ Author

Gary Zukav & Linda Francis/ Authors

The Art of Listening

Counseling Therapy Skills/ Author David G. Martin: An instrumental & easy to read book on active listening

Dr. Irvin Yalom/ Psychiatrist & Author

Death & Dying

This Bright Hour/ Author Nina Riggs/ A young mother dying from cancer

In Love: A memoir of love and loss/ Author Amy Bloom/ A wife’s husband’s Alzheimers and his choice for euthanasia

A Matter of Death and Life /Author Dr. by Irvin D. Yalom & Dr. Marilyn Yalom/ A lifelong couple saying goodbye

Crying in H Mart/ Author Michelle Zauner/ A daughter’s mother dying from cancer

When Breath Becomes Air/ Author Paul Kalanithi/ A young neurosurgeon dying from cancer

Being Mortal/ Author Atul Gawande/ A surgeon’s experience

A Heart That Works/ Author Rob Delaney/ A father’s two year old dying from a tumor

Hot Young Widows Club + Resources for All Grief/ From Author Nora McInerny, a young widow and author of 3 books on this resource list

Kate Bowler/ Author & Podcaster  of “Everything Happens for a Reason

The 36 Hour Day: A family guide to caring for someone with Alzheimers or other Dimentias

Lovely Books & Authors

The Glass Castle/ Memoir by Jeannette Walls

Little Weirds/ Memoir by Jenny Slate

Circe/ Fiction by Madeline Miller

Wild/ Memoir by Cheryl Strayed

Jack Kerouac