Consultations & Mentoring

Consultations & Mentoring for Professionals

We offer assistance guiding clinicians through all stages of this profession – from those who are brand new and getting their “sea legs” to those who are well established and simply want to work smarter instead of harder.

My office manager and I can provide step-by-step instruction and resources into the nitty-gritty of things like: registering and incorporating your business with the state, selecting liability insurance limits, setting up payroll, applying to insurance panels, choosing telehealth software and/or digital platforms, and access to resources like audit-ready forms. I can personally provide case consultation and guidance in the art of therapy.

We think you’ll find our meticulous love of details and gentle approach to be both valuable and encouraging. We’ve already done the hard work, and we’re excited to pass it on. We use the same Sliding Fee Scale for Consultations & Mentoring as for Therapy (see Getting Started tab).

Since starting my practice in 2010, I have covered multiple territories, managed two offices, worked closely with a seasoned insurance biller and talented office manager, supervised a registered clinical intern, and handled the difficult and complicated measures involved in multiple Baker Acts. Most recently, I have transitioned to a fully online/digital practice, adhering to the ever-changing HIPPA rules and emerging legislative regulations, and successfully weathered a random and large insurance audit. In addition, I have steadily increased my profits each year by implementing best practices and policies gained from the wisdom of experience. I have participated in consultation groups for years, as well as closely mentor other clinicians myself. I absolutely adore the work we’ve built, and we want to share what we’ve learned.