Next Session Worksheet/After a few months

Next Session Worksheet/After a few months

  1. Review all previous worksheets and take note of any changes.

  1. I would rate my overall progress from 1-10 (10 = excellent) on feeling better in terms of moving forward with each session (vs staying stuck) at _____.

  1. What problems am I still struggling with? What actions/steps do I want to take, but I’m not ready to work on changing right now?
    • List the problems.
    • For each problem, list the actions steps you imagine you need to take for or have been suggested to take.
    • What is getting in the way of me taking these actions/steps?
    • Even if I don’t know what’s getting in the way, I know some choices/safeguards/smaller steps could move me in the right direction, such as….

  1. What positive benefits (secondary gains) am I getting by not changing right now and the current situation remaining unchanged?

  1. What are the full negative impacts of my problem:
    • On myself now? In the future if things continue unchanged?
    • On others now? In the future if things continue unchanged?

  1. What solutions have I already tried but didn’t work?

            7. What solutions am I unwilling to consider as an alternative way to feel better?

  1. Why exactly do I need this appointment now? What new questions, reflections, motivations am I bringing today that are different from the last session?