Support: Some Ideas

Support System

  • Make a list of everyone whose been there for you (in kind and consistent ways). 
  • Reconnect with those you’ve lost touch with, including those who live far away- tell them why they are important to you.
  • Believe you can still find your tribe. They may also be online, authors, mentors, etc.
  • Eliminate toxic people
  • Reconsider those who are inconsistent or you’ve grown apart from. Consider having the hard conversation that gives you both a chance to reconnect.
  • Ask someone to be “sponsor” for situations where you are trying to use mindfulness instead of reacting in habitual ways

Ways to Connect

  • Be a good friend first before expecting others to be. 
  • Initiate: Plan, coordinate, invite, remind, host an event/holiday
  • Set the date for next time at the end of each get together so it’s already planned
  • Online: Cheer-Support-Affirm on someone’s social media page
  • Check-in: Text/Email
  • Call: Skype/Zoom/FaceTime
  • Snail Mail: Write letter/Postcard/Send care package
  • Home: Potluck/Game Night
  • Garage Sale/Neighborhood Picnic
  • Help: a neighbor, a new parent, someone recovering from health issue/aging
  • Date out: Meal/Comedy club/Festival/Movie/Theme park/Beach
  • Work: Sit in communal spaces; Invite others out to eat; Bring bagels-donuts-fruit to work
  • Attend: a loved ones event, sport, chemo/dialysis, important appointment 

Ask for Help

  • Be vulnerable and risk being a burden and ask for help anyway. Also, ask your loved one how full their tank currently is and let them know you’ll understand (and do the same for them) if they need to tell you they can’t this time.
  • Ask trusted friends for referrals 
  • Kid Caregiving:
  • Elderly Caregiving: Angels
  • Petsitting: Rover
  • Hired help: Thumbtack, Angie