Gratitude + Cheer + Kindness

Gratitude + Cheer + Kindness


List what you are grateful for in your life- that Life has brought to you.

This exercise will only work if you write in exquisite detail. The more specific you are, the more you can identify what exactly it is about this thing/person/situation that delights you. The more specific you are, the more poignant and fresh the awareness will arise in you as well as the positive feeling.

Some examples are: a heartbreaking lesson that grew you, a buttery and flakey croissant for breakfast, a trusted and unconditionally loving friend checking in on you, a rebellion in the news keeping hope alive, etc .


List what you are proud of about yourself – that you have brought to your Life.

Some examples are: courageous or disciplined choices you’ve made in the past that you feel today, taking a shower that was hard to start, making time to read in your hammock, responding to a text from a place of compassion instead of reaction, etc.


Do something kind for someone else today. For example: let someone know they made it on your gratitude list, compliment a stranger, offer grace for a small annoyance, etc.

Do something kind for yourself today. For example: set up a lovely placemat and your favorite dishware for your next meal, think of all the reasons you find yourself pretty rad, give yourself permission to not think about or feel guilty for something that isn’t your fault even though it makes you sad, etc.