Kindness: Some Ideas


  • Mail a Just Because card, even to someone in your own home
  • Bring bagels & donuts to work or an event
  • Share a beautiful or funny song
  • Share meals
  • Remind someone why you love and enjoy them
  • Create your own traditions: Friendsgiving, Hearts Day, Christmas Movie
  • Make a shared calendar of fun events to look forward to together
  • Send a silly/cute gift from someone’s favorite celebrity

Help someone who is sick or down

  • Check in on them often
  • Pick up groceries/Bring over a cooked meal
  • Drop off flowers or a plant
  • Help tidy up their home
  • Share a heartwarming book (poetry/quotes, a beloved storybook, helpful/issue-specific, guided journal, humorous, etc)

Random Acts

  • Pay someone’s toll/coffee
  • Let someone go in front of you
  • Slow down and smile at strangers


  • Money (e.g. GiveWell)
  • Food bank
  • Blood (e.g One Blood’s Big Red Bus)
  • Clothes/Items (e.g. Hospice Thrift Store, Domestic Violence Shelter, Metropolitan Ministries)
  • Research: Effective Altruism movement


  • Tutor/School/Library/ESOL (English as a second language)
  • Big Brother Big Sister
  • Advocacy Work/Gaurdian Ad Litem
  • Local politics/National politics/Poll worker
  • Start a Neighbors Helping Neighbors group
  • Pet Shelter
  • Community Garden/Farm
  • Disaster Relief
  • Veterans
  • Homeless
  • Place of worship
  • Masons/Shriners
  • Rotary/American Legion