From Julia Cameron’s: The Artist’s Way

From Julia Cameron: The Artist’s Way

Morning Pages

Set aside time to write, without thinking or judging what you’re writing- whatever comes to mind. Write quickly so you’re not censoring yourself. It’s suggested to do by hand, but whatever gets you writing. You can also use voice notes. 

Artist Dates

Take yourself out on weekly dates to delight and inspire yourself. Going out provides you with new sensory input and experiences to help refill your creative tank. You don’t have to spend money and you don’t need to make elaborate plans. 

My Life Story

Take time to retell your life’s story- with your particular feeling landscape, your interpretations, your truth. Your story may be very different from someone else who was with you- that’s perfect. It’s yours. Remember and rewrite the actual story of your days as you lived it, not as you were told it was. Start from your earliest memories and build from there. Recall vivid memories and important moments, events and people.