Order: Some Ideas

Organizational Tools

  • Cleaning (e.g. How to Keep House While Drowning: A Gentle Approach to Cleaning and Organizing by KC Davis)
  • Shared documents (e.g. Google docs/Microsoft OneNote/DropBox)
  • Financial app (e.g. Mint)
  • Link Calendars (e.g. Apple & Android)/Use reminder notifications
  • Task sharing app
  • Habit tracker app (e.g. Tangerine)

Scheduling a Routine: Grounding + Intentional

  • Weekly Chores (e.g. groceries, meal prep, laundry/iron, cleaning, lawn, garbage, etc)
  • Monthly Tasks (e.g. car wash, gutters, A/C, filters, etc)
  • Yearly Tasks (e.g. taxes, auto-home-health insurance, etc)
  • Yearly events (e.g. birthdays, holidays, anniversaries etc)
  • Time for work/school (start & end times)
  • Time alone
  • Time to socialize
  • Time for sleep
  • Time for exercise
  • Time for core connections & important people
  • Medical check-ups: PCP-bloodwork, Dentist-Xrays, Dermatologist, OBGYN-papsmear/mammogram, STD testing, Vision-updated glasses
  • Automobile repairs
  • Financial/Estate questions
  • Start a simple task you’ve put off

Budget Wisely

  • Make a plan to pay off debt
  • Planned bills: Yearly Budget/Monthly budget
  • Emergency Savings: Repairs/Crisis/Medical
  • Buffer Savings: For down payments/Added protection
  • Retirement: Roth + 401K
  • Investments
  • Flex money: Fun/Gifts/Vacation/Holidays

Sort + Label

  • Bills/Emails
  • Files-Important papers/Electronic Files
  • Photos/Online albums
  • Closets/Supplies/Donate

Technology Mindfulness

  • Leave in a different room
  • Phone basket during meals/quality time
  • Turn off push notifications
  • Delete apps that waste your time
  • Log screen time/Set healthy limits
  • Change an often-used passcode to a positive word/phrase

Work Hygeine

  • Set work-life boundaries (e.g. work auto-away message for mornings/evenings)
  • Enact changes: Voice your request, make practical adjustments, start a small steps on a project you’ve avoided, research/learn a skill that would lower your anxiety
  • Use your planned vacation/sick days to get ahead of tasks & tidy your life