Next Session Worksheet/Starting therapy

Next Session Worksheet/Starting therapy

1. What are my specific goals at this point in therapy? What will have changed in my life when I will feel I no longer need therapy, given that therapy is meant to be time-limited? 

EXAMPLE: instead of “to be happy,” you might more clearly say “to get back into my routine of consistently going to the gym and drinking less wine at night”

2. Am I engaging in basic self-care?


(i.e., effecting serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, heart rate, temperature, etc.)

  • Enough sleep/Consistent sleep routine
  • Healthy foods/Following dietary needs
  • Reduce or eliminate depressants/sedatives (i.e., alcohol, sugar, excessive sleep/pain aides, etc.) that are not helpful
  • Reduce or eliminate activators (i.e., caffeine, inflammatory foods, trigger foods, etc.) that are not helpful
  • Consistent aerobic exercise 5x’s a week/Physical therapy if needed
  • Touch (i.e. cuddling, hugs, pets, massage)/Orgasms (i.e. masturbation, sex)
  • Breathwork/Meditation/Prayer/Yoga
  • Time in nature/Sunshine/Cold shower-plunges/Steam room
  • Informative medical tests/Routine medical care
  • If applicable, evaluations & taking medications consistently and as prescribed (see your: PCP, ARNP, psychiatrist)


  • Go inward and check-in with yourself often (i.e. taking time to be alone, journaling, asking what you want before asking others what they want, etc)
  • Care for your physical body & physical living spaces (i.e., tracking your cycle, taking showers/brushing teeth, getting dressed/making your bed, going grocery shopping/meal prepping, cleaning/removing excessive clutter, personalizing/decorating, tending to repairs, etc.)
  • Balanced self care-play/work-tasks/caregiving-partnership
  • Responsible finances
  • Getting off mindless screens
  • Engaging nature & connection 
  • Creating or participating in a hobby/interest
  • Honest with yourself about people/choices that are counter-productive to your mental health
  • Living in integrity & with boundaries (i.e., speaking up, saying “no”, not apologizing for your needs, first identifying and then not betraying your core values, holding consequences/accepting there will be disappointment/loss/change/transition, etc)
  • Asking for help
  • Attuning or giving back to something bigger than yourself (i.e., prayer/meditation, being in flow-art/hobby, volunteering/service, etc.)
  • Remaining gentle with yourself and your mistakes, forever beginning again by doing the next right thing or the next thing right, with infinite-unconditional mercy and grace